Here’s a fun little project for St. Patty’s Day! This easy punch art leprechaun is the focal point on our Freshcut Crafts Round-in-Round card. I’m using Gamma Green as the base, since it’s the perfect St. Patrick’s Day green.

I’ve also grabbed a Brown Kraft Belly Band that serves as a nice neutral to complement the colors used in the punch art.

I used a remnant of striped scrapbooking paper for decoration, and to anchor the leprechaun’s head. I didn’t want make his whole body for this project, but a floating head felt weird, so I grounded it with a large shape instead.

St. Patrick’s Day-themed rubber stamps are hard to come by – and not particularly useful throughout the rest of the year, to be honest – but there are other messages that work. I chose a “Hello Friend” theme for this one, which is also really cute. And, I’m not against hand-lettering, either. If you’re making a card for someone, they will appreciate any effort you make, so don’t let the lack of an appropriate stamp keep you from making a card. I was able to find a St.Patty’s Day stamp for the inside panel on this card, but I would have just as willingly hand-lettered it.

I stopped into a local craft store and grabbed some sparkly shamrock stickers in different sizes and textures. For the belly band, I realized I had a St. Patty’s-themed washi tape that was a part of a holiday washi pack, but anything simple with green in it would have worked (dots, stripes, plaid). I coupled it with gold washi for that “pot o’gold” effect.

Watch the tutorial here to see how it all came together:


Here’s the list of Freshcut Craft materials we used:
Round-in-Round Card: Gamma Green
Colored EZ Layers: White Confetti
Shape sheets: Circles (Brown Kraft), Scallop Circles (Orbit Orange), Rectangles (Gamma Green, Eclipse Black), Hearts (Gamma Green, Re-Entry Red), Triangles (Gamma Green)
Card Stock: Eclipse Black, Sunburst Yellow

Other materials:
Printed craft paper – 1 sheet or remnant
Snail tape/tape runner, glue dots
Foam adhesive circles
Stickers – clover theme
Googly eyes
Rubber stamps and black ink
Washi tape


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