Make someone’s day with this Circle Flip Love Card that looks like it took a lot of effort to put together.

Remember that commercial where the lady is in the kitchen making (super easy) Rice Krispy Treats, and she wants everyone to think she worked really hard on them, so she makes lots of noise, and throws flour on her face before bringing them out? OK, that’s this card in a nutshell. It looks like a lot of work, but it’s actually really fast and easy once you gather your materials.

For this card, I’m using the FreshCut Crafts Circle Flip Card in Brown Kraft and the white EZ Layers that come with it—one layer will be used as-is, one we’ll trace onto a patterned sheet of paper. I’m also using our FreshCut Shape Sheets in Circle, Heart, and Rectangle. I grabbed a scrap of our card stock in Celestial Blue to frame my unicorn stamp.

For the stamps, I grabbed a 1.25” “Love” word stamp to place inside the heart shape. As you can see, I’m going with a love theme for this design, but this could easily be a thank you, a get well, or a miss you card. For the 2” square, I’m using an adorable 2” square galloping unicorn stamp.

You’ll also want to grab some colored pencils or markers if you’re in the mood to add a pop of color to your stamps. I couldn’t resist colorizing the galloping unicorn—after all, I’ve never seen a black-and-white unicorn.

Start by folding your Circle Flip card so that you can get a feel for how it will work. Here’s a quick video of how to fold the Circle Flip. (insert video) If you already own a die for this card format, that will work, too, however bear in mind that your proportions may be a little different than the FreshCut Circle Flip Card.

Next, you’ll need a 3-inch circle (I chose Pulsar Pink), a 2-inch heart to stamp on (I’m using White Confetti), a 2” square to stamp on (again, I chose White Confetti), and I cut a 2.25” square in Celestial Blue Cardstock to layer with the unicorn stamp.

Flatten the card back out and make sure that it’s facing up (the cut circle should appear left of center if it’s right side up). Now, center and mount the white EZ Layer into the cut circle shaped panel of the card.

Next, trace the contoured EZ Layer onto your chosen printed craft paper. I chose a neutral heart pattern. Then, align and mount the paper to the card.

Flip the card over and mount the pink 3” circle into the cut circle shaped panel on side 2 of the card.

Now, it’s time to stamp. Center and stamp the word “Love” into the heart using black ink. Next, center and stamp the 2” stamp design (a unicorn in this case), into the 2” square. When it’s dry, add some color if you want.

For the Heart, run the glue pen along the edge of the stamped heart shape and sprinkle with glitter. Apply a Foam Adhesive Circle to the back, center and mount on the pink 3” circle.

Mount the unicorn to the 2.25” square Celestial Blue cardstock to form a frame and mount to the card. Apply decorative washi tape above and below for added style.

Lastly, finish your card by adding heart stickers and bling to the lower left corner. I chose to add a “Dream Away” stamp directly to the card surface, but it’s just as nice with stickers alone. Fold and enjoy!

Watch the full tutorial here:


Here’s the list of Freshcut Craft materials we used:
Circle Flip Card: Brown Kraft with White EZ Layers (included)
Shape sheets: Hearts (White Confetti), Circles (Pulsar Pink), Rectangles (White Confetti)
Card Stock: Celestial Blue

Circle Flip Card: Brown Kraft with White EZ Layers (included)
Shape sheets: Hearts (White Confetti), Circles (Pulsar Pink), Rectangles (White Confetti)
Card Stock: Celestial Blue

Other materials:
Printed craft paper – 1 sheet
Snail tape/tape runner, glue pen
Foam adhesive circles
Stickers – heart theme
Rubber stamps and black ink
Colored pencils
Washi tape


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