Punch art is so cute and fun to make—if only you didn’t need hundreds of dollars in metal punches in all shapes and sizes to make it happen (sigh). I mean, who has all of that hardware? Even if I have some of the right punches, I never seem to have ALL of the right punches to complete a punch art project. So, what do you do? Go out and buy more punches, or make something else? (sad trombone)

Life without punch art was a deal-breaker for me, so when we were developing our line of pre-cut paper cards, I decided that we had to have pre-cut shapes in the product line, too. We call them Shape Sheets, and they’re laser-cut sheets chock-filled with shapes in useful sizes that can be popped-out by hand for use in all kinds of crafting projects (including punch art – yay!).

Choosing the right shapes
To create the line, I started by researching the most common shapes used in punch art today. That was fun. The punch art animals are my favorite, but I also like the simple things, like tags and flowers. We found so many good ideas along the way that we built a cool Pinterest board for punch art inspiration.

Once we felt we had a good sampling of ideas, we broke them down to their elements and figured out that you can make just about anything with the following shapes:

From there, we looked at the most common sizes and increments for metal punches. Once we figured that out, we worked to get shapes in every common increment on every shape sheet. For example, our Scallop-Seal Shape Sheet offers Scallop Circles in 6 sizes, and Seals in 5 sizes (from 0.5 inch to 3 inch diameter). That’s the equivalent of owning 11 metal punches! Think of all the money and storage space that would involve—and that’s just for scallop circles and seals.

The ultimate test, however, is to MAKE punch art without metal punches. There’s a sample of some of our favorite mini-masterpieces at the start of this post. If’ you’d like to see how it was done, visit our tutorials page, or check out the punch art posts on this blog.

Hi, I’m Trish Witkowski.
I’m a mom of two, a designer, an entrepreneur and a passionate paper crafter. I design pre-cut paper cards, shapes and crafting products for my company, FreshCut Crafts. This is the place to be for card making inspiration, punch art ideas, quick crafting tips and tutorials.

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