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Our Story

Hi, there! My name is Trish Witkowski, and I’m the captain of this papercrafting ship.

I’m a designer and a mom of two with a passion for working with paper. When my kids were little, I would sit down with them and make fun little paper characters and pop-up cards by hand. Soon, I was going into their classrooms to paper craft with 20+ kids!

Needless to say, I hit what felt like a thousand obstacles along the way. I was hunting for quality paper in exciting colors (much harder than it sounds), measuring and cutting by hand (OMG the time and the waste), buying expensive metal punches to make basic shapes (total pet peeve), and searching for responsible alternatives to the imported foam and felt craft supplies that seem to be everywhere (not cool).

The projects were awesome, but the time, expense, and clutter were pretty ridiculous. After years of crafting with kids and adults and realizing that this problem wouldn’t solve itself—FreshCut Crafts was born. Today, we’re a family-owned company offering creative pre-cut paper craft kits and essentials that make crafting fun and easy, clutter-free, and much better for the environment. All of our products are proudly produced in the United States on responsibly sourced paper made with recycled content—and the colors are amazing!

I lead the creative side of the business, designing and demonstrating our products. My husband, Mark, is behind the scenes working on operations and technology. Our kids, Audrey (12) and Miles (11), help to develop ideas and also test our products. We work with a talented team of photographers, crafters, and media professionals, too.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. Please stay in touch by joining our email list. As always, feel free to send us a note – we’d love to hear from you.

All the best,

Trish Witkowski
President, FreshCut Crafts

About Our Products
As a company, we care deeply about our community and the environment. Our products are proudly produced in the United States on responsibly-sourced paper (made in Wisconsin). All of our recycled colors are acid-free, lignon-free, and made with a minimum of 30% post-consumer material.

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